3 Best Places and Situations To Drink A Cup Of Coffee

3 Best Places and Situations To Drink A Cup Of Coffee

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Many people feel like they need coffee to be a regular functioning human being. There is a huge population of people who have the “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” face on until around a few hours after they wake up. Coffee isn’t convenient everywhere but there are some great places to have coffee that bring the experience to the next level. The following are some of the best places and situations to have a cup of coffee.

Drinking a cup of coffee on vacation is great as it isn’t getting you ready to work but it is getting you ready to relax or do whatever you had planned. Most people wouldn’t travel just for a cup of coffee unless they are a fanatic. At one point this would’ve been costly but with online coupons like those at Groupon, travel plans with companies like Travelocity have become much more affordable. There are those certain locations that are known for their coffee but on vacation those might seem to fade away with the last sip of their favorite morning beverage.

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Having a cup of coffee after being extremely cold is one of the most comforting things ever. Although some people opt for hot chocolate, a nice warm coffee can do the same job with far less calories. Those in cold weather live on coffee for a majority of the year. This is one situation where iced coffee wouldn’t do the trick.

After a nice dinner sometimes people have a dessert drink or a coffee. This helps top off a meal in a way that doesn’t put weight on like a dessert but can still quench the sweet tooth of the group. Some of these coffees add alcohol to counteract the impact of the caffeine. Next time someone asks if you’d like a coffee after a meal, consider it.

Coffee is a very dynamic beverage and can be served in a variety of different situations. It can be social but it can also be a great time to just curl up alone while studying or reading. Whenever it is, coffee is a great decision but just make sure it’s decaf before bed.

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