5 Cost-Saving Tips for Catering in Houston

5 Cost-Saving Tips for Catering in Houston

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For event planners, having a well-planned and successful event is no easy task. It requires a lot of dedication, hard work and above all, a solid plan. When planning an event, whether personal or professional, you need the help of a professional caterer to design the perfect menu. This is just the beginning, there is more to planning an event than choosing the right desserts.

In this case, you will need to decide the amount of food needed in the event. If you are careful about your budget, a good caterer should be in a position to determine how much food and drink are needed in the event. This is to ensure that there is enough food and drinks for all your guests.

Here, we have a simple list of cost saving tips to help you plan a catering event in Houston.

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Keep it short, simple and realistic

Event planner should be sensitive to time. If you are able to control the duration taken by your event, you can contribute a lot in cutting the cost. For example, you can plan a cocktail reception with some action that last for three hours instead of a cocktail session then followed by dinner and dessert that may last more than five hours.

Select the venue carefully

Choosing a location for an event is very important. Opting for a place with a pre-existing kitchen and a bay area that allows load-in and load out can help save on costs. On the other hand, a venue with no kitchen equipment will incur more costs in outsourcing equipment such as generators, tents, water supply and many more. Choose your venue wisely.

Select the venue carefully

Cut down labour costs

For small events such as small executive dinners and boardroom meetings do not need to have server at all. For those on a budget, you can hire a professional caterer who will guide on the amount of food needed, offer guidance on how to set up a room or venue and eliminate unnecessary labour cost, which can turn out to be the biggest expense.

Take control of the portions

For caterers, taking control of the food portions is a good way to cut on the cost. Buffets and food stations require serving pieces, linens, and large quantities of food. This seems pricey, but there is no control of food portions. Once you allow guest to help themselves with food, you won’t be able to control the portion of the food. Instead, you can prefer to allocate a server on each food joint to control the amount of food served per head.

control of the portions

Limit bar offerings

If the setting is to take place in a bar or near a bar, it is good to limit offerings to beer, wine, or one special drink but ensure you make the event interesting. Further, you can include a special “cocktail” without spirits, say a wine cocktail with several flavors. This will help you save more.

While it is always good to rely on the advice of the caterer, it won’t hurt to have a clue of the catering procedures that will help cut down costs that may end up eating up our budget. With these tips, Catering in Houston has just become easy.

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