5 Easy Steps for Grinding Meat at Home

5 Easy Steps for Grinding Meat at Home

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Yes, buying ground meat from the supermarket is just so easy. There is no hardship involved and you can pick up a packet anytime you need for a delicious recipe. But have you ever thought of making your own ground meat at home?

own ground meat

Well, it has its own advantages. First of all, you can do it whenever you need; you don’t need to run to the store every now and then. That saves time. Also, even though the packed ground meat is ‘quality-locked’, you cannot deny the fact that it has been grinded and packed a month or two ago and it won’t give out the same taste as a freshly ground meat. On the other hand, when grinding meat at home, you have all the control over the freshness, quality and quantity. Some people may find it difficult, but it’s not really that hard to do when you have a good food processor. Don’t have a good one? Read the reviews of the top electric meat grinders available in the market.

Meat at Home


Meat- It is upon you to decide the blend or cut that you want to use in you recipes or whichever you prefer. The packed ground meat normally uses the shoulder cuts, the top or bottom round and the chuck cut. Generally, those cuts are preferred which have some fats visible, around 15%-%20 of that. You will find that the meat will end up tasteless or dry if you go much leaner.


Equipment-A sharp knife is a must, which will allow easy cutting of the meat. You need a baking sheet for freezing purpose. And the most important is the food processor. You can It must be sharp and efficient enough to make the grinding fast and easy. The LEM 575 Watt Electric grinder is an excellent option and makes the process smooth.

Meat Grinder


  • Cut the meat properly into cubes, each not more than 1-inch in size. It is better if all the chunks are cut into the same size, as this makes the grinding more quick and uniform.
  • Spread the cubes on the baking sheet in a way so that they don’t touch each other. Put this into the freezer for about 20 minutes; the edges must turn out a bit hard but the middle part must be pliable. This helps the meat to get cut cleanly without getting tore or smeared.

Cut meat properly into cubes

  • Do not put all the meat in the grinder in one go. Fill the grinder only halfway and grind it more roughly 10-20 seconds until it gets grounded coarsely. Empty the grinded meat into a bowl and do the same for the remaining meat.
  • Check the ground meat for any large pieces and re-grind them.
  • You can use this ground meat immediately, which is what is preferred. You can put the left-over in the freezer for later use.

ground meat immediately

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