A Quick Guide on Japanese Restaurant in Tel Aviv

A Quick Guide on Japanese Restaurant in Tel Aviv

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The first time you go to a Japanese restaurant in Tel-Aviv, you might find that the food names and list of ingredients are a bit confusing. But usually when you have discovered that rice is the primary ingredient that forms the base of almost every Japanese dish, you will have a better understanding of the menu.

Rice cakes (mochi) and steamed rice (gohan) are two of the most popular types of rice served in most Japanese restaurants in Tel Aviv these days. These dishes are normally served along with nori (dry seaweed), tamagoyaki (rolled omelet) and soup. Like other dishes from East Asia, there are a lot of Japanese dishes that also use various types of seafood.

Restaurant in Tel Aviv

There are various modern Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv and traditional Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv that offer different kinds of dishes. Sometimes it makes people confused as to which one is the authentic Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv. Actually they are all authentic, it’s just that Japanese foods are so diverse, that’s why usually each restaurant in Tel Aviv just serve certain food types.

Teishoku – Serving economical ready-made Japanese foods, kind of like a fast food restaurant.


Gyudon – Also serve cheap Japanese foods, the main dish is usually a bowl of rice with sliced beef.


Monjayaki – In such restaurant you can get a Japanese pancake with ingredients of your choice. Usually they also serve grilles on the tables so you can cook your own foods.


Okonomiyaki – A bit similar to Monjayaki, they also provide grilles on the tables. The ingredients you can find here include cheese, mochi, vegetables, noodles, pork, and seafood.


Kare Raisu – This is a Japanese curry with rice.

Kare Raisu

Takoyaki – These Japanese pancakes are made with octopus filling, mayonnaise, pickled ginger, and sweet sauce.


Shabu-shabu – When speaking about the best Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv, most people will think about Shabu-shabu, this is a quite popular Japanese dish indeed. In such restaurant they serve a variety of fresh ingredients in a hot pot.


Sushi – Usually every famous Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv will serve this type of dish, but many restaurants only serve this various raw seafood with special sauce.


Izakaya – This place is serving edamame, yakitori, sashimi, and many other Japanese foods. But this type of restaurant is most known for the drinks.


Soba – Here you will find Japanese buckwheat noodles with various toppings.


Ramen – Kind of like Chinese style noodles, served together with meat broth or fish.

Most Japanese buffets are quite cheap, even a high class buffet will not dent your wallet. Some of the most popular Japanese buffets are sushi buffet, beef rolled asparagus with shrimp buffet, hibachi & sushi buffet, and many more.

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Tel Aviv nowadays whether a standalone outlet, in malls or hotels that serve various types of Japanese dishes. If you are unsure, it’s best if you try to find a Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv guide to find what kind of menu is served, then you can find out about the ingredients used for the dishes in the menu. Don’t be afraid to try something new, Japanese cuisines could always surprise you with their unique taste.