A Taste of Japanese

A Taste of Japanese

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Everyone craves for something Asian, there’s something about Chinese and Japanese food that many people crave for. Maybe it’s because not all western food are cooked in a similar way, that’s why innovative chefs are incorporating the styles of these countries from steaming to sauces that are already delectable in taste. Wherever one goes, there’s this craving for fresh dishes, especially for Japanese food. Where else can you eat salmon with rice altogether, or presented with scrumptious sushi and sashimi that will make your mouth drool? Melbourne is not that different, there’s a cocktail bar that caters not only to it’s personalized drinks but to its food as well, Little Red Pocket Cocktail Bar is what it’s called.


Craving for a late snack and you want Japanese, and then here is where you’ll want to go. They serve Japanese food from the traditional Gyoza to its Teriyaki sauce meals. Don’t forget the Japanese pride of Sashimi, it won’t be lost in their menu. Since its Japanese, something to complete one’s palette, to drink down the delicious food consumed, is the Japanese rice wine or as we all know, the Sake. All drink concoctions are flared with the Japanese twist, and so are its names. Maybe you’ll be confused with the names in their menu, afraid that you’ll order something you cannot digest or refreshments you cannot swallow, don’t worry there are dishes and beverage description for those inquiring minds what a meal or drink is composed of. If you’re really not sure, it’s okay to ask their amenable service crews and they’ll definitely educate you about it.

Japanese pride of Sashimi

Someone might be confused and is thinking, its branded as a cocktail bar how can it serve so much, it’s a bar so they only serve drinks, right? This is where this establishment tops it off, why only cater to drinks when you can also provide food and all in all it’s to give satisfaction to clients, so why not add a little more. Little Red Pocket also provides food packages, if you really love the place and want all your celebrations held here you’ll be ecstatic that they also serve functions or events that they can give service to. Their function rooms are designed intricately with Japanese decors and named Japanese as well from a Cherry Blossom room where it is suggested for large birthday celebrations or group gatherings to their Balcony, where you can appreciate the outdoor ambience and overlooking view while dining with buddies.

cocktail bar

Wishing you can travel to Japan and taste the food, then Little Red Pocket will give you a sample of it and you’ll be returning for more. They will not be rated as the World’s best bar if they didn’t deliver and provide satisfactory food, drinks, and service all in one.