Are Superfoods A Better Choice?

Are Superfoods A Better Choice?

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So What Are Superfoods?

Superfoods, by definition, are simply a nutritionally-dense and low-calorie food made by nature. Almost all superfoods are plant based. Most of the plant based superfoods are green foods and there are also some that are fruits.

Superfoods A Better Choice

Superfoods For The Body

Our bodies thrive off of nutrition. Nutrition is simply fuel. We eat a food, we break it down, we absorb it into our bloodstream, and it is utilized as an energy source. Without it, we die. We can never get too much nutrition – any excess nutrients will simply be excreted with no harm to our body.

Superfoods For The Body

Why Aren’t Most People Consuming Superfoods?

Most people are not consuming super foods simply because of a few reasons:

  • Western Diet. In most countries and cultures, we are consistently consuming a Western diet. This diet mainly consists of processed foods, foods with preservatives, foods that have been heated and are stripped of their nutrition, starches, and added sugar. This is a recipe for disaster. This is not what our body wants to have inside of it.
  • So many people are consistently eating this diet because it is what their parents taught them to do. Few people actually ask the question; “Is this actually good for my body and my health?”

Western Diet

  • Trust The System. Many people are simply unaware what the body truly wants. We live in an age where we rely on others to tell us what to do and in this case, what to eat. We trust in the ‘system’ that is supposed to be in our favor. For example, when we walk into a store, we trust that what is in the package, box, or can is trustworthy and okay to consume. In many cases it can be argued that they are all okay. Meaning that if you eat it, you won’t get sick or die. This is true. But, in most cases, the long-term consumption of that product will create issues. Because it is contains preservatives, pesticides, added sugars, heavy metals, or was heated above 115 F – denaturing the beneficial proteins and enzymes.

Trust The System

  • Tastes Sweeter. More times than not, we reach for the item that tastes better. When something tastes better, it is most likely because it is sweet. It is most likely sweet because the company has added some type of artificial sweetener, or extra sugar to it. The bottom line is that companies want to increase sales for higher profits. The way to do this is to simply make something taste sweeter. Most companies don’t necessarily care about your health, they care about their profits. People give in to their sweet tooth far too often.

Tastes Sweeter

What Is The Best Way To Eat Superfoods?

Super foods can be consumed in raw form. They can be plucked off of a tree or a bush, and eaten after being washed. Raw foodists usually have amazing health. There are however, in my opinion, other ways that are even better. There are some companies who take these superfoods, and extract the beneficial parts of many different superfoods, and put them all together in a powdered-form. That powdered-form can be mixed with water and blended into a  superfood shake. You now have nutritionally-dense and low-calorie superfood that can be consumed on a regular basis.

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