Downtown Denver Breakfasts

Downtown Denver Breakfasts

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In the famous Mile-High City, you have the best of both man and nature at your fingertips. But before you go running to work, or hiking in the nearby mountain-tops, take a moment for the most important meal of the day–breakfast!

You may be wondering why we are so excited about something as simple as breakfast, but with so many absolutely great options downtown, we can’t help but let you in on our two personal favorites…

Burrito Express-o

If you haven’t been to Burrito Express-o, you haven’t gotten the quintessential bang-for-your-buck breakfast. This little shack of a drive-thru burrito stand is a hidden Denver treasure, located at 1628 N Federal Blvd. The most expensive single item on the menu? It costs two dollars! Even though they may not have the largest menu, there is definitely something for everybody.  You can just imagine why we keep gushing over these prices, since they may just be the best thing to happen to our mornings since donuts (just wait–we’ll get to that part later!)

Denver Breakfasts

Starting at 6am at Burrito Express-o, you can choose from two breakfast burritos: chorizo and bacon. If you aren’t feeling like eggs, you can get a beef burrito or a vegetarian bean burrito. As we said before, there is something for everybody, including our vegetarian buddies! What makes these burrito oh-so-yummy is the green chili sauce, with the perfect blend of flavor and zing to wake you up. And if you are like us and your breakfast starts around noon rather than 9am, you have until 2pm to take advantage of this Denver breakfast treasure; even grab a burrito and dollar soft drink for lunch! However you decide to try it out, just make sure you try out Burrito Express-o. You’ll thank us later.

Denver Breakfasts

Voodoo Doughnut

So while some treasures are hidden, Voodoo Doughnuts is definitely a treasure on display. With its chill hipster attitude, this breakfast destination is practically a tourist center at any time of the day. And while the wait can be annoying, we can’t blame them for it. These donuts aren’t just any donuts! From cereal donuts to the classic Voodoo donut (a voodoo doll shaped donut complete with a poking pretzel and raspberry filling), these donuts fulfill your wildest donut dreams.

Denver Breakfasts

A word to the wise first-timer:

  • Voodoo donuts isn’t a joint where you can grab a breakfast treat last-minute. You will wait, but don’t worry, just breathe (the delicious aromas of freshly-baked goodness).
  • Be careful where you park! After finding directions to the donut shop from TapYellow, you’ll also find that parking is sparse, but the tow trucks are plentiful. Your best bet would be to park a couple blocks away and walk. But hey, you are just walking off the donuts, right?
  • Voodoo Doughnuts only accepts cash transactions. They do have an ATM provided in the store, but bring your cash with you to avoid the fees.

While these tips might throw you off the trail for these delicious donuts, remember, they are so popular for a reason! Their donuts are huge, delicious, and unique; visiting this place is definitely about the overall experience and theme. And if they put a spell on your breakfast heart, grab that touristy t-shirt and show off your Voodoo obsession with some clever threads. But by the time you take a taste of what’s inside that pink donut box, you’ll be hooked for good!

Denver Breakfasts

Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Whether you are just stopping by Denver for the weekend, or have a mile-high home, you should show some yummy to your tummy and test out both Burrito Express-o and Voodoo Doughnuts. Representing two delicious sides of breakfast, you will be able to make a great start to any day!

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