Flower Drum Restaurant – Excellence in Cantonese Cuisine

Flower Drum Restaurant – Excellence in Cantonese Cuisine

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There’s grounds the Flower Drum restaurant continues to be for over 3 decades serving its excellent Cantonese cuisine towards the faithful devotees. Without a doubt about my wonderful experience and you too knows why.

Our booking was for any Friday night therefore we did not need to wait the typical three several weeks for any Saturday night table. We anxiously waited about six days. It had been worthwhile.

The truly amazing service starts before we go into the restaurant. Regrettably the legendary top rated Flower Drum restaurant is lower a side lane – Market Lane to become exact!

The moment my hands touched the doorway to spread out it a smiling face welcomed us, myself along with a couple of buddies, and ushered us inside having a lovely warm welcome. I was put into a good start in which the greeter pressed the button for all of us to increase.

After we arrived at the ground i was welcomed by more warm smiling faces welcoming us in. Employees ushered us to the table, i was quite early but i was hungry and wishing employees wouldn’t mind.

The tables were immaculately outfitted with all of their crockery and utensils and glass ware. Center is really a ocean of red with lots of beautiful flower plans, quietly wall a number of water colour works of art narrate a tale.

I was fussed over like royalty.

I needed a pleasant cold drink so began using what else however a… Singapore Sling . I have not sampled one before however i desired to consume everything Asian which was fitting. It had been absolutely scrumptious. It had been tangy sweet also it hit the place.

The dumplings we began with where so tasty. These were a mixture of all flavours. I was stored waiting a while between courses however it was like these were teasing us. Causing us to be savour every meal prior to the next arrived on the scene.

The waiters counseled me incredibly mindful. No glass went half full, these were always full. Anything we would have liked we’ve got.

In my primary I’d Peking Duck obviously. I believe I pictured it differently however it was more scrumptious i then thought. The dish is a number of pancakes covered with duck with secret sauces and vegetables all of which are combined right while dining.

The pancakes were created on the little skilet set behind me and offered immediately. My waiter seriously waiting that i can finish each pancake before he earned the next with no minute of my waiting to consume. I loved the interest.

Irrrve never avoid dessert even should i be full and that i saw a dish which caught my attention immediately. Peking Toffeed Apples with Frozen Treats.

The entire dish was combined before me again. Six waiters helped prepare the dish. It had been quite an event.

The toffeed apples were put into a bowl of iced water to harden in the toffee. I had been drooling just watching them get it ready.

Cantonese food is delicious and full of amazing flavors. In case you are willing to try more options, it’s best to check for Cantonese restaurant Singapore that has a good buffet and equal number of choices in their regular menu.

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