Great Eats In Chicago

Great Eats In Chicago

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Fine dining in Chicago city can create quite a hole in your pocket. Thus it’s not feasible every time. Moreover, you do not feel like it every time. Keeping this in mind, we present below some of it’s inexpensive as well as moderately priced gems that will leave you drooling for more –

  • Hot Dog – Portillo’s

It’s authentic Chicago-style hot dog had a nicely steamed poppy-seed bun which is steamed extremely soft and served with mustard, relish, celery salt, chopped onions, tomatoes, pickle and some peppers on top. Do not look at calories here and remember to add crinkle-cut French fries served with cheese sauce. Throw in a chocolate cake shake for the most delicious treat ever.

  • Cuban sandwiches and platters – Cafecito

Enjoy this eatery’s specialty of the traditional Cuban sandwich served with roasted pork ham, mustard, and Swiss pickles. Another sandwich to try out here is the Guava Q Sandwich which offers roasted pork, barbecue sauce and caramelized onions for a perfect tangy flavor. Order a Cuban coffee or con-leche with it. You can enjoy this delicious treat for just under $10.

  • Beer Menus – Fig & Olive

Feel like a beer or two? Check out the best of beer menus – Fig & Olive which are local specialty if France, Spain and the southern area. They go absolutely best with burgers and help you really appreciate the local taste of beer.

  • Italian Beef – Al’s / Joe Boston’s

The term ‘Italian Beef’ is as common to Chicagoans as salt and pepper. These thin slices of seasoned roast beef served on a long Italian roll and totally dripping with juices will leave you hankering for more. It can be ordered hot, sweet, dipped/wet, juicy air absolutely soaked! Al’s beef is perhaps a historical testament of it but the one served at Mr. Beef on Orleans is no less. You will definitely come here a second time.

  • Cupcake Pancakes – Southport Grocery and Café

All the hype about its cupcakes is absolutely true. Despite being moist and substantial, it’s not heavy. Dig into it thick; sugary icing hides to stumble upon rich and deep flavors of chocolate as well as vanilla. You can have it alone in multiples as your lunch treat. It’s gluten free fluffy, sweet pancakes with vanilla butter which should be eaten well dipped in maple syrup will leave you feeling absolutely decadent.

  • Fried Chicken – Parson’s Chicken and Fish

Located in Logan Square, this eatery does not get into the rat-race of reinventing food but ensures that the fried chicken is made with every step precise and perfect to serve you with fried chicken that has a lightly-battered crust and incredibly juicy inside.

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