How Clean and Care For Your Outdoor Pizza Ovens

How Clean and Care For Your Outdoor Pizza Ovens

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Owning a pizza oven should make you proud if you are fan of the sumptuous Italian cuisine. While there are many kinds of pizza ovens, a wood-fired oven are a preferred option for many. Most wood-fired ovens tend to be self cleaning; however, this does not mean that you shouldn’t clean them. Of course, when using wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens, you’ll realize you won’t have a lot of food or grease stuck. This is because of the high temperature of the cooking process. Nonetheless, just like any other cooking equipment, you’ll need to clean it regularly. The only mess you will be dealing with when cleaning wood-fired ovens is the ash that builds up. Here are tips to help you keep your pizza oven clean:

Have the needed tools

You will want to make sure you have the proper cleaning tools for pizza ovens. These include a scraper or shove, which is used to remove the ashes. Using the right tools for cleanup ensures that you do it efficiently and do not leave behind heaps of ash.

Clean when the oven is not hot

You should not clean your pizza oven when it’s hot because spills or stains on a hot oven can burn you. Sometimes, you may be in a hurry and want to leave the oven clean. However, if it is still hot, you are setting yourself for an injury. So, allow it to cool down then you can begin the cleaning process. Let the oven cool off to reach room temperature. This may take time, especially in summer days. This way, you will not risk sustaining injury or getting burned very badly.

 Vacuuming the ashes

When vacuuming the remaining ashes, ensure you do it correctly. If you point the vacuum incorrectly, you may spread the ashes allover or you could push then deep into the oven. The ashes may even spread to the backyard, kitchen appliances, or kitchen door if you don’t hold the vacuuming machine in the direction and this could mean double work. It will be tedious and time consuming to have to remove the ashes that have dispersed to other areas.

Store the ashes properly

After removing the ashes from the oven, make sure you store them properly. You may want to use them in the winter as deicing agents instead of using salt. This is because salt is considered damaging to surfaces such as asphalt and when you use ashes, you minimize the likelihood of causing damage to the pavements and other surfaces. You might also want to throw the ashes if you don’t need them anymore.

When you have purchased any of the outdoor pizza ovens, you want to make sure that you keep it in mint condition. With proper maintenance and cleanup, you are rest assured that the equipment will last for long and you will continue enjoying the pizza baking experience without hitches.

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