How To Cold Smoke Your Food Easily With Smoke Genie

How To Cold Smoke Your Food Easily With Smoke Genie

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Food smoking has become extremely popular over recent years. As we become more knowledgeable and experimental with our food, more and more people are taking to this technique in their own home to enhance their food with rich, natural flavours. Unlike barbecuing, which is a very hands on cooking process, smoking is done at a leisurely pace taking anywhere between 3 – 16 hours.

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What Is Cold Smoking?

Cold smoking, the opposite to hot food smoking, is achieved by exposing cold smoke to food to infuse flavour, without actually cooking the food. It is used to cure mainly fish, but other popular cold smoke foods include: cheese, meats, garlic, salt, pepper and other spices. In the past, cold smoking your food at home was an exacting process that typically required a good understanding of the principles involved and specialist, and often expensive equipment. That was until Smoke Genie came along.

What Is Smoke Genie?

Smoke Genie produce a range of instant light hardwoods that have been processed and graded for delicatessen food smoking. Each Smoke Genie offers excellent smouldering performance to generate cool, clean smoke at the perfect temperature needed to release and infuse the smoky flavours into your food. Available as packs of twelve in both oak and beech flavours, Smoke Genie not only makes it easy for you to smoke your food at home, but also makes it affordable.

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How Does Smoke Genie Work?

The food smoking process with Smoke Genie couldn’t be simpler. Each hardwood is designed to give 30 minutes of smoke time and they can be linked together to give your own unique combination of smoking durations and flavours. You can even add your own herbs, spices and other aromatic flavourings to the specialised sprinkle channel on the top of each Smoke Genie. The 3-step process makes home food smoking easy for even the most novice smoker:

  • Remove a single hardwood Smoke Genie from the pack and light the end with a naked flame.
  • Blow on the end to ensure the kernel is glowing.
  • Link additional Smoke Genies together and add them to your cooking device to start the smoking process.

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How Does Smoke Genie Make Cold Food Smoking Easier?

Traditional cold smoking methods often made it difficult to carryout effectively at home. For starters, it was important to have the correct equipment; this could include a traditional offset drum smoker where you needed the fire in a separate compartment, a vertical water smoker where you had to have a separate water bowl, a propane smoker that requires a gas burner, or the larger scale commercial smoke houses that use steam coils and gas flames to create the desired smoke effect.

Once you had the correct equipment and setup, you then had the issue of the wood chips themselves. The correct amount of wood chips need to be measured out, depending on the length of smoke time required, and they are notoriously difficult to light and control once lit. Because there is no set time limit with wood chips, you also had the issue of them continuously burning which means your food needs constant monitoring to achieve the perfect smoke flavour.

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Now, with the introduction of the Smoke Genies, these complications are a thing of the past – you can almost smoke anything, anywhere with ease and precision. Use your existing smoker or BBQ with the lid closed and vent open to allow the smoke to escape. Smoke your food in a pot or pan with a lid, as long asyou allow a little open space for the free flow of smoke to be released. You can even use your existing oven with a Smoke Genie in the bottom to hot smoke foods, as long as the fan is off for fan ovens and you are in a well-ventilated area.

Unlike traditional wood chips, Smoke Genies light easily and they smoulder constantly and consistently. the hardwoods used in Smoke Genies are 100% natural hardwood with no additives, Not only does this mean it is easy to setup and get started, but also you no longer need to spend time continuously varying the levels of smoke and temperature to get the same end result.

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Get Your Smoke Genies Today!

Whether you plan to smoke your food at home or in a restaurant, Smoke Genies are the simplest, easiest and cleanest way to smoke your food. All made from 100% natural hardwood that has been untreated and sourced from sustainable forests and starting from as little as £8.95 per pack. Order your 12 pack of Smoke Genies in either oak or beech flavour by visiting or call us on 07894 041 438.

Smoking food on a larger scale for an event or restaurant? Then we offer a 10% discount when you buy 6 packs or more. The discount will automatically be added during the checkout or ask one of our advisors over the phone when you place your order.

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Smoke Genie – magically simple food smoking!