How to Get Your Catering Business Off the Ground

How to Get Your Catering Business Off the Ground

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Catering is a highly demanded service that millions of people utilise each year to feed guests at their events and social gatherings. This fast-paced and exciting industry has grown each year and is slated to continue growing well into the future. All types of events require skilled caterers, and you may find yourself providing delicious meals to celebrities and important officials in no time if you make the right decisions.

Whether you want to expand your restaurant business to offer small-time catering or if you plan to open a large facility to cater to hundreds at a time, any type of caterer will need the right equipment to get started. There are certain pieces of kitchen equipment, such as commercial ice machines, that you must invest in early. There is room for profit no matter how large your business is, but you must understand the demands of the job and which pieces of equipment are essential to be successful.

What is Catering?

If you want to open a catering business, you must know at least the basic concepts of cooking and providing food at a location outside of a traditional restaurant setting. That said; there are some aspects you may not know about. Caterers are usually hired when the person throwing an event does not have the time or skills to put together the food on their own. You may choose to offer a strict menu or you can work with the client to prepare the food that they want to serve at the event. To determine your menu options, you must first decide which foods you are (and are not) willing to cook.

In addition to preparing and providing the food, you are likely to have clients request that you serve the food at the event as well. This means your staff must not only be trained in proper preparation and presentation methods, but also in the proper ways to set a table and serve food to guests. Learning these skills by yourself and then thoroughly training your staff will only increase your opportunities and profits.

The Equipment

While it may help you cut costs to rent your equipment for the first few clients, you want to eventually invest in your own equipment. Many successful caterers have found commercial catering equipment from Butler Equipment to be both cost-effective and reliable. By choosing the right equipment, such as ice machines, refrigerators, food display equipment, and more, you give yourself your best possible chance to make real progress.

Everything you use in your business is important and it says something about your company. The plates, utensils, and linens that the guests see when they sit down at their table tell them about your aptitude and quality. If you are a business that cares about class and elegance, you’ll take the extra time to attend to every little detail. If you cook a specialty food, such as sushi, you will need to ensure that you always use the best knives and other appropriate equipment to ensure great taste and proper safety. After all, presentation is about more than just the food itself, as everything around it, from your uniform to the equipment on your stove, plays a huge role in the quality of your event.

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