How to Start a Gluten Free Life in Australia?

How to Start a Gluten Free Life in Australia?

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Whether you’ve just moved to Australia or you’ve been living here but found out you’re gluten intolerant, rest assured that there will be plenty of ways to stay well fed and healthy. Eliminate dieting stress by knowing just what to do to start going gluten free.

Don’t make this mistake

A huge mistake every beginner makes is to head to the supermarket and buy whatever is labeled as gluten free. In most cases, they find muffins and pizza, as well as other calorie packed, unhealthy foods usually made with refined grains, not to mention the high sugar content. This isn’t a good approach. Instead, you need to build a list of gluten free whole foods. You should start considering the more natural, unprocessed options out there.

Dive into Australia’s gluten free community

People like you are getting in contact here creating virtual communities where they share everything, from recipes to health advice and good restaurants. Search the web for gluten free recipes and select a blog you like. A gluten free blog Australia reads would make for the best choice, since it’s likely to contain info on local businesses and produce. You will then know exactly where to go to get you food.

Read labels carefully

As you go shop for your food, don’t look only at the front of the package. The inscriptions might be misleading. For example, is a product is labeled as “wheat free”, it doesn’t mean it automatically has no gluten. The recommended approach is to turn it over and read what’s written on the back of the package – the ingredients list.

Know your cereals

These are vital in your new diet. Besides, cereals represent a food staple for almost anyone. This is why you want to start with them. Oats are good for you, but only as long as they’re labeled as gluten free’, since there is a high risk of contamination. Choose amaranth, millet, quinoa, rice, corn, sorghum, etc. These cereals will be your starting base for the new foods you’ll be cooking.

Find restaurants

Your Australian food life may involve loads of eating on the go or dining out. At times you will have no chance to go home and cook therefore you’ll be forced to buy yourself a meal while you’re out. Don’t assume that any restaurant in your way will have gluten free meals in the menu. Do a proper research beforehand, identify and locate those restaurants which serve gluten free dishes. You will thank yourself later. Navigating a restaurant menu is another issue. You have to ask some extra questions, even if the main ingredients on the list are good for you. However, the sauce or dressing may contain gluten. This is why it’s such a great idea to ask. Also, cooking food in the same oil where something with gluten was fried can get you in trouble. It’s best to know.

Plan meals ahead

This is the key to an easy and successful life without gluten. Know what you’re going to buy, how you’re going to cook it and when. Planning in advance will help you out tremendously.

If this diet is a medical necessity to you and starting it feels difficult, then you should consult with a registered dietitian, who will teach you all about healthy dieting and make this easy on you.