Making Popcorn at Home

Making Popcorn at Home

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Popcorn is one of the most loved foods – enjoyed by many worldwide – and I believe you will also like it. Popcorn is not derived from any ordinary corn that we find on the market. However, Popcorn is made from particular kinds of corn grown for that which is the pearl and rice corn.

You may be wondering why popcorn pops. You are not alone, a lot of people are confused as well, but don’t worry. Heat makes popcorn pops. The hull covering the corn for making popcorn is very strong and does not easily break when there is heat. This gives the inner structure more chance to be filled with moisture. As the hull breaks, the moisture comes out and there you have your popcorn.

Today, there are a lot of appliances and items used in making popcorn, such as the Great Northern Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Machine , which is my personal favorite. Some of these items are pretty expensive which the average person may not be able to buy it. However, this should not prevent people from enjoying one of their favorites. If you thought popcorn could not be made at the comfort of your home, then please relax and enjoy.

About a quarter of a cup of coconut or peanut oil.
About two-third of a cup of popcorn kernels.
A medium or large covered saucepan.
About two tablespoon of butter.
About two tablespoon of honey.
About one tablespoon of salt.

Making Popcorn at Home

1. The saucepan is put on stove with fire.

2. The oil is poured onto the stove allowing it to heat a little.

3. Add few kernels to the pan on an average heat.

4. The saucepan is covered well for the few kernels to pop.

5. Now add the rest of the popcorn kernels to the pot. The saucepan is covered for sometime then removed from heat for about fifteen to twenty seconds. This helps so that when the kernels are returned back to fire, they all pop at nearly the same time.

6. The saucepan is then returned back to the stove for the popping to begin, the cover is left a little ajar so that some of the vapor can find their way out.

7. Once it seems like the popping has reduced or stopped, the saucepan cover is removed and the popcorn is emptied into a bowl.

8. If butter is an option, a moderate amount of butter together with honey can be put into the saucepan which is hot but empty. Then the melted butter is sprinkled over the popcorn with salt to taste very good.

Now you are done; simple and easy to follow. I believe you will try it in no time.

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