Making Your Own Yogurt Is a Better Alternative

Making Your Own Yogurt Is a Better Alternative

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Yogurts that are purchased in the grocery are often loaded with artificial flavours, preservatives, and excessive sweeteners. However, when you make the yogurt yourself, you obtain more benefits from the cultures, which are probiotic and good for your digestive and immune health. Plus, when the yogurt is made, you also receive more calcium.

The fresher the yogurt, the higher amount of lactic cultures. Lactic bacteria naturally occurs in the human intestines to help digest food and fight the bacteria that is bad. By eating yogurt that you make yourself, you help replenish and maintain the lactic culture balance, thus aiding in the reduction of disease- and gas-producing bacteria.

The Ideal Baby Food

If you have a baby, you can also feed him yogurt that you make yourself. The cultures in this type of yogurt break down the nutritional elements into highly absorbable forms. Therefore, this type of yogurt is the ideal baby food. In fact, yogurt such as Easiyo keeps a baby’s tummy in tip-top shape, given its abundance of beneficial and live lactic cultures. These cultures consistently work at keeping the digestive tract clean and help with the digestion of various foods.

Good During Pregnancy

Even pregnant women benefit from yogurt that they make themselves. This type of yogurt is particularly good for expecting women as it is high in vitamins, protein, calcium, and minerals. Plus, the yogurt contains folic acid, which is known for its role in maintaining a fetus’s healthy nervous system.


When you make your own yogurt, it will vary between batches. This is absolutely normal. Because the food is a living thing, the time it takes to complete the food product is based on the following:

  • Variations in the water temperature
  • Seasonal changes in the milk powder
  • The length of the setting time
  • The room temperature – yogurt sets differently in winter and summer

Yogurt-Making Tips

Some yogurt-makers worry if their yogurt has not set. Therefore, they think it will help if they top off the dish with more boiling water. However, you don’t want to do this as it can cause problems with fermentation. Instead, leave the yogurt alone for several hours. You can allow yogurt to ferment up to 12 hours if needed. Just make sure you follow some of the tips below:

  • The water in the jar should not be freezing or hot. If your tap water is extremely cold, you may need to adjust the temperature with a bit of warm water.
  • The jar should be filled to the brim with cold water after the batch is mixed.
  • If you wish to make thicker yogurt, try adding part of another sachet. Do not use less water as the mix can become too hot and kill off the beneficial cultures.
  • Ensure the disk baffle is pushed down fully and does not rise when boiling water is add
  • Make sure you put the jar into your yogurt maker after you pour in the boiling water to the correct line. If you include more or less boiling water, setting problems can occur.
  • Don’t add any fruit squirts, honey, or fruit pieces until after the yogurt sets, or you might upset the pH balance.

Following the above tips and information will ensure that your yogurt is as tasty to eat as it is nutritious.

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