Nursing Pads: Reusable vs. Disposable

Nursing Pads: Reusable vs. Disposable

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New moms may feel a bit of embarrassment when they’re out shopping and their clothes become wet because they’ve “sprung a leak”. It can be uncomfortable because of chafing, embarrassing because you weren’t prepared and now have to face a dozen people in public, and it’s just plain annoying. If you were to pack a few disposable pads, you would have less space in your pack for other items you and your baby need. This is just one of the many benefits of using a reusable nursing pad rather than a disposable.

Using disposable nursing pads also has its own set of benefits, too. They are made from different materials and use different methods of application. The ease of use while having a child has been taken into consideration and will be discussed further below.

Reusing Means Recycling

The best example a mom could set for her child is to treat the Earth and its surroundings with respect. When disposable pads are used, they are not as eco-friendly. As soon as you throw that disposable nursing pad in the trash, it goes off into the landfill with millions more. This makes sustainability more difficult to achieve.

The Earth’s economy isn’t the only economy that’s affected when choosing reusable over disposable. By reusing and washing a nursing pad, you’ll be able to save a lot of money and put it away for something worthwhile. Children are expensive, so saving money in every way you can is important. When you save money, you’re able to shop for nice baby products online in Singapore such as nipple cleansing sponges, sponge brushes, and even the occasional bottle for when you need a babysitter.

Avoiding New Allergies

Unfortunately, babies at the breastfeeding age are unable to be vocal about what’s hurting them or itching them. The most they can do is cry and that’s not a great translation. By using your own cloth nursing pad, you’re able to keep allergies and infections at bay.

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Using Disposable Pads Over Reusable

Now that the benefits of reusable pads have been discussed, we can also show moms the benefits of disposable pads. With a great-quality disposable pad, you’ll hardly be able to tell that it’s underneath your shirt. Thicker disposable pads will hold in leaks much better and may be less itchy because they are made of a thicker and higher quality material.

Disposable pads are also great for moms on the go. Being able to throw them away after you’ve gone to the bathroom in a public place is great, as you can’t wash and dry a reusable nursing pad in an instant. To counter our reusing means recycling argument, higher-quality disposable pads can also be made from eco-friendly materials.

Reusable pads may also look bulky and bumpy under the shirt and disposable pads can bring a resolution to this issue. When you’re out in public, you’re using pads to be discreet about leakage. When there’s something bumpy underneath the shirt, it’s almost as bad as having a leak. Disposable pads can be small and flat yet absorbent enough to solve all these issues.

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