Reasons you must try having liquid nitrogen ice cream?

Reasons you must try having liquid nitrogen ice cream?

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Making use of liquid nitrogen for making ice creams is not a new process. For many years, science teachers are engaged in making “fast ice creams” for the enjoyment of their students. Today, the craze and the trend of making ice cream from liquid nitrogen is sweeping the favorite cooking shows and unconventional chefs who practice molecular gastronomy. Molecular gastronomy is considered to be an assimilation of scientific techniques and tools with cooking arts. It makes use of tools, like liquid nitrogen, lasers, centrifuges, microscopes in the process of preparing food items.

Buying liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is required to be stored and transported in special containers, known as Dewars and this is important to stop this ice cream from getting evaporated quickly. You can look into Yellow Pages for locating a supplier of liquid nitrogen. In fact, you can also call a pediatrician to determine the place from where the doctors purchase liquid nitrogen for burning off warts. There are some liability issues, so you won’t be able to discover many who would provide you with a container of liquid nitrogen. For this reason; you have to buy liquid nitrogen from a company that distributes it.

The reasons behind loving this ice cream

  • Texture – This is the first thing people notice about ice cream from liquid nitrogen. This ice cream possesses a different composition from the traditional ice creams. These ice creams are remarkably silkier and smoother, and so, you can feel its taste on your tongue when you take the very first bite.
  • Denser – These ice creams don’t have the extra ice molecules, and air bubbles and what people get is pure, thick taste of the actual components only.
  • Made fresh – These ice creams permit you to enjoy fresh ice cream made instantly right in front of your eyes, and they are entirely different from the ice creams that are sold in the market. The regular ice creams sit in a freezer for an extended period and so, more water and ice get added to them, but this is not the case with ice creams with liquid nitrogen.
  • Varied options – Sometimes, people fail to enjoy their ice cream because they remain worried about the recipes in the ice cream. But, with liquid nitrogen ice cream, it is different. These ice creams are customized instantly for special occasions as well.

The safety measures to follow

The process of making liquid nitrogen ice cream can be fun, but you must follow some precautions. It can turn out to be dangerous if you are careless about the measures. If by chance, you touch the nitrogen then you can cause yourself severe damage, or you can freeze your tissue too. This is the reason that nitrogen ice cream is not available to people so readily. You are required to know some fundamental training in the process of handling liquid nitrogen prior to getting started. You shouldn’t allow liquid nitrogen to touch your skin and must wear the safety gloves plus glasses.

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