Switching To A Gluten-Free Diet Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Switching To A Gluten-Free Diet Isn’t As Hard As You Think

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If you regularly suffer from negative gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea and nausea, it’s possible that you may have coeliac disease, which basically means you need to avoid any food that contains gluten. Of course, diarrhoea and nausea can be caused by a range of other inflictions, so you’ll need to visit your GP to find out what’s wrong if the symptoms are persistent, but it may be coeliac disease if the symptoms are especially prevalent after eating gluten-rich foods such as bread and pasta.

If it turns out that you are suffering from coeliac disease, you’ll need to switch to a gluten free diet, which sounds scary to many people when they first receive the news of their condition. Many very popular foods contain gluten including pasta, bread, most breakfast cereals, and lager, and the thought of having to cut them out can be daunting.

However, there are now many gluten-free alternatives to some of your most loved foods and dishes that mean you can keep eating your favourite meals without experiencing any nasty side effects. In fact, if it makes you feel any better, many people choose to switch to eating gluten-free foods as a lifestyle choice, even if they don’t have coeliac disease.

In reality, the health benefits of switching to such a diet are contended by many experts, but one thing we know for certain is that you can still live a full and healthy life while maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet whether you have coeliac disease or not.

Delicious Gluten Free Foods

Below, we’ll list a few delicious meals that are completely gluten free, but first, you might be happy to know that some of your most popular foods are already free from gluten, including:

  • Potatoes
  • Meat and fish
  • Most dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Wine and spirits

You might be pleased to see the last item on that list because now you know having the condition doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night out. Here are a few tasty meals you can enjoy without having to worry about any negative consequences.


  • Roast Dinner – Most vegetables, potatoes, and meats are gluten free, so you can still enjoy a nice roast dinner. Just make sure you use gluten-free gravy, and you might want to avoid Yorkshire puddings (or make your own gluten-free puddings).
  • Veggie Omelette – You don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to eating eggs and almost all vegetables, and you can still use butter to grease up your pan for that extra delicious taste.
  • Caprese Salad – A wonderful combination of olive oil, mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, a Caprese salad tastes amazing and is very good for your health.

As aforementioned, you can still eat a delicious, varied, and healthy diet if you suffer from coeliac disease, and there are also gluten-free versions of most of your favourite foods. Just make sure you always read the labels on packaging as to avoid experiencing any nasty symptoms.

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