The Go-To Equipment You Need for a New Home Bar

The Go-To Equipment You Need for a New Home Bar

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Are you thinking of creating a nice bar area for your home, business, or entertainment area? Once you have the design and furnishings you want, you’ll need to add the proper cocktail tools to your new bar. The following is a list of equipment you might need for your new cocktail area.

The Cocktail Shaker

This is probably the most important element of your new bar equipment. However, it is not the only one. You will want shakers, muddlers, bar spoons, jiggers, and more. There is an endless number of tools that can help you make better cocktails.  You don’t need to spend a fortune: you can start with the things you need most and then build up your equipment.

The Jigger

Bartenders use the jigger to measure the ingredients for a cocktail. This is a tool that has two conical shapes, one larger and the other smaller. The measurement of each piece varies but is usually about one and a half ounces on the larger side and one ounce on the smaller side. If you are outside of the US, it is typically 40ml on one side and 20ml on the other.

The different sizes and lack of precise interval indicators make jiggers a poor tool for measuring, especially when you have a recipe that calls for one-sixth of an ounce or one and one-third ounce of a certain ingredient. The bartender has to use guesswork for some of the stronger ingredients. This is when something like an angled measuring jug can help.

The Bar Spoon

This is primarily for stirring drinks sothe stem of the spoon is spiralled to make it easier to rotate the spoon in the glassand float ingredients in the drink. You can also use the bar spoon to measure out small amounts of ingredients.

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Bartenders use different kinds of strainers to prepare cocktails. The Hawthorn strainer is used when shaking a drink. It fits well over a metal tin and allows you to pour the cold drink but keep the ice out.  A julep strainer can be a good idea for making mixed drinks. This strainer sits on the glass of a Boston shaker.

The Citrus Press

You will always want to use fresh ingredients for the best cocktails, so you will need to squeeze fresh lemons, limes, and oranges. Find a good citrus squeezer to get the most juice from your lemons and limes. These are devices in which you can insert a half of the fruit and squeeze the handles together to extract the juice, which drains from the small holes in the bottom.

The Pourer

While this may not be an essential item, it is one that is very convenient. Bars use pourers so they don’t have to open and close bottles frequently. It saves time and offers a regular measure of the spirit. This gives you better control over the quantity of alcohol you add to the cocktails you make.

Bottom Line

Getting the right stuff for your bar is fun and can come in very handy when you make those fabulous cocktails. However, you can easily go overboard with the cocktail equipment, so start out with the essentials and then gradually add to your bar equipment just as you did when you first set up your kitchen utensils.

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