Tips for Making the Perfect Pizza

Tips for Making the Perfect Pizza

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Have you ever walked into an Italian restaurant and instantly noticed that wonderful aroma of freshly made pizza? It has to be the most enticing smell in the world and one that is sure to get your mouth watering for the perfect pizza right now. For many of us the chance to make that same great pizza at home would be a dream come true. You may think you need fancy equipment or special ingredients to make as good a pizza as the ones you get at the local Italian diner, but you would be wrong. You can make a great pizza at home, if you just follow these basic tips.

Start with the Oven

For a great pizza, you need the oven to be at the right temperature. Always set you rack on the lowest possible setting and use a pizza or baking stone if you have one. Preheat that oven so that it will be hot and ready for the pizza as soon as you have it made. Nothing will ruin a great pizza more than a cold oven that isn’t ready to meld those flavors together as soon as you have laid them on.

Getting the Dough Right

If you have dough in the fridge, take it out at least an hour before you begin. This will give it time to thaw out and be easy to work. Take you time with the dough and work it through completely before you start to shape it. Hand warmed dough that has been well kneaded will always give a better crust. And nothing is worse that a pizza that has a bad chewy crust. Make sure everything is well floured before you begin and work it only until it is ready, don’t overdo it.

Perfect Pizza

Choosing the Right Pan

You want your pizza to cook evenly all around, so be sure that your pie pan is the right size for the pizza you plan to make. There is a reason you see different sizes of pizza pans at the best pizza places. The right pan, with plenty of corn meal on the bottom to prevent sticking, will conduct the heat evenly throughout the whole pie. Putting a goodly amount of corn meal on the bottom of the pan ensures you won’t have a crust that sticks to the bottom. And don’t forget to leave a margin around the edge of your pizza for the drippings to slide into the pan and not your oven. Keeping it neat and tidy means a pizza with no messy edges to burn in the oven and ruin the taste of a perfectly good pizza.

For Perfect Pizza, Top with What You Love

We all want to eat healthier, but adding broccoli because you think you should eat it will just ruin an otherwise great pizza. Try to stick to healthy fresh ingredients, but pick stuff you would eat raw or quickly sauté whatever you would prefer to eat cooked. Remember that this is your perfect version of pizza, so add in the ingredients you love and you will always find it is the just right pizza for you.

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